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Jerry the paperboy

Very old movie from early 30's and probably a 16mm copy.
The story is about a poor boy, who is selling newspapers. A rich man buys a paper, is charmed by the young boy and tells the boy that he should met his doughter. She is about the same age. They shake hands and the girl drives away. He sees the handbag from the girl and want to give it to the father. The father tells hem that he should bring it by himself and the boy arrives at the house from the rich family. A party is going on and when he enters the house he is sent away. The second time some of the older girls is screaming that the boy has stolen the bag from the little girl. After a lot of humorous sketches, the father arrives at home and tells everybody that the paperboy has found the bag, has tried to give it bag to him and that he (the father) has told the paperboy that he should bring it back himself.
And suddenly the movie is over. So I don't know what movie this is, who the players are and from which year it is. Every help is welcome.
The only clue I have is the title: "Jerry the paperboy" and written in Dutch it is "Jerry de krantenjongen"
So, I categorize this movie for now as an unknown film and I hope that someone will recognize this.

The 16mm transfer was done by

Run time 15:45
Audio/Visual no sound, black & white


Reviewer: Glasshouse - - April 13, 2012
Subject: Looks like Jerry Madden to me...
...because I have a copy of one of his other films called NAPOLEON JR.
Jerry's on screen name was 'Jerry the Giant'.
This one looks like it could be A DOG'S PAL which Jerry made in 1927.

Cute little film.
Thanks for sharing it :)
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